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PETKIT Airsalon Max and Max Pro 60L Pet Blow Dryer Smart Pet Dryer for Cats and Dogs

PETKIT Airsalon Max and Max Pro 60L Pet Blow Dryer Smart Pet Dryer for Cats and Dogs

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  • Pro version (latest release) - has added function of ozone-powered disinfection
  • 60L large cabin suitable for all multi-cat households - able to dry 2 average sized cats / 1 large cat / small dog  
  • 360 degrees surround airflow and wavy panel design to dry your pet from all directions including hard to reach areas
  • Delivers a gentle breeze to make your pet feel more relaxed
  • Continuous fresh air circulation with top exhaust vents to discharge hot air
  • Engineered with over-temperature protection and electrical protection
  • 4 sets of thermal sensors to ensure a steady and constant temperature
  • Negative ions to make pet's fur fluffy, smooth and shiny
  • Monitor your pet's drying process via the Petkit app
  • Use the three preset modes or customize your own settings / mode
  • Offers 6 levels of fan speed and temperature range from 36 to 40 degrees
  • Linear lights that brighten gradually and dim to soothe pets
  • Interactive petting door to provide added assurance
  • Modern and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Quiet operating volume at 42dB
  • Easy to follow 3 step cleaning process
  • Suitable for all cats and small dogs 
  • Size: 500 x 473 x 447mm
  • 1 year Petkit Singapore warranty 

Does your pet hate being blow dried? Wanted to get a pet dryer but couldn't find one large enough for your multi-cat household or large breed cat? Airsalon Max is the pet dryer that will make drying after bath time a breeze! With its large capacity, you can every dry 2 cats at a time! For dog lovers, a 60L dryer will provide your beloved furry friend with more space to move around or lie down compared to a conventional 50L capacity dryer. The Airsalon Max's 360 degrees surround airflow system and wavy panel design ensures your pet will be fully dry, even in hard to reach areas. Negative ions will also leave your pet's coat fluffy, smooth and shiny. Enjoy a highly customizable experience using the Petkit app and select the fan speed, temperature and duration that you want or simply use one of the preset modes! The interactive petting door also allows you to soothe your pet during the drying process. Your pet's luxurious, comfortable and delightful drying experience is but a click away. 

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