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PETKIT Fresh Element Solo Smart Pet Feeder (2 Colours)

PETKIT Fresh Element Solo Smart Pet Feeder (2 Colours)

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  • 3L capacity feeder and app-supported
  • Customize your pet's meal plan on the Petkit app
  • Program your pet's feeding schedule up to 10 meals per day
  • Can dispense up to 50g of food at one time
  • Enhanced sealed ring and built-in desiccant box to keep food fresh
  • Compatible with dry & freeze-dried food les than 12mm in size
  • 6 degree tilt heightened base protects your pet's spine health
  • High quality food grade 304 stainless steel bowl
  • Clog-free design with Generation 2 enhanced impeller and larger dispenser chute
  • Grain storage barrel can be easily removed and cleaned with water
  • Back-up battery ensures uninterrupted food supply during power outage
  • Supports remote interconnection even when you're away
  • Uses 2.4Ghz Wifi connection (5Ghz not supported)
  • Suitable for cats and small dogs
  • Available in two colours - white (new) and grey
  • Size: 316 x 296 x 167mm
  • English / Singapore set
  • 1 year Petkit Singapore warranty

Note: Freeze-dried food should not be more than 20% of whole food portion

The Petkit Solo feeder is a timeless beauty that will fit right into any home. This 3L capacity feeder is the perfect choice for those who have a single pet at home and want all the benefits of customized feeding all at the touch of a button. Use the Petkit app to customize your pet's feeding schedule and with its multiple fresh lock protection, you can be assured that the kibbles will always be delivered fresh! The Solo feeder also features a clog-free design, 304 stainless steel bowl, back-up battery supply and remote interconnection which allows you to control the app even while you're away. 

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